Four Students of the Kelaniya University Suspended Over Assault on Security Officer

December 05, 2023

The University of Kelaniya has been plunged into turmoil as a result of a disturbing incident that has led to the suspension of four students. The university, excluding the Faculty of Medicine, is now closed until further notice in the aftermath of the assault on a security officer.

The four students involved in the alleged attack have been promptly suspended by the university administration. The incident, which unfolded as the security officer was reportedly abducted and assaulted while sleeping in the break room at night, has spurred an immediate and direct response from the authorities.

As a consequence of the suspension, the university has taken the unprecedented step of closing down all its facilities, except for the Faculty of Medicine. This includes the closure of university hostels, with instructions for students to vacate their accommodations by 8.00 a.m. on Tuesday (Dec. 05).