"Aswesuma" Payments Credited for October, Transfers Rs 8,775 Million to 1,406,932 Families 

December 04, 2023

The Sri Lankan government has successfully transferred "Aswesuma" payments for the month of October.

State Minister Shehan Semasinghe announced that a substantial sum of Rs 8,775 Million has been disbursed, benefiting a total of 1,406,932 families across the nation.

The payments have been efficiently transferred to respective bank accounts, ensuring a seamless process for the beneficiaries.

State Minister Semasinghe confirmed that the credited amounts will be accessible to recipients starting tomorrow, signifying a timely and crucial financial support mechanism.

"Aswesuma," a welfare initiative, plays a pivotal role in providing essential financial assistance to families facing economic challenges. The October disbursement demonstrates the government's commitment to alleviating financial burdens and supporting vulnerable households during these trying times.