Supreme Court Grants Interim Relief to Dismissed Deputy General Manager of Ceylon Shipping Corporation, Orders Allowance Payments

December 04, 2023

The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka has issued an interim restraining order to suspend the decision made by the chairman of the Ceylon Shipping Corporation to dismiss Yamuna Wettasinghe, the former Deputy General Manager (Commercial). This decision comes as a response to a petition filed by Wettasinghe challenging her dismissal.

The interim orders issued by the Supreme Court outline measures to provide Wettasinghe with half of her allowances from the date of her dismissal on November 2, 2022, until the conclusion of the trial.

Dr. Jayampathi Wickremaratne, the lawyer representing Wettasinghe, presented the case before a three-member Supreme Court bench comprising Prithi Padman Surasena, Gamini Amarasekara, and Priyantha Fernando.

Wettasinghe asserts that many of the allegations against her involve the chairman of the Ceylon Shipping Corporation, who, according to her claims, played a dual role in both filing complaints against her and making the decision to suspend her services. She argues that such actions by the chairman violate the law and infringe upon her basic human rights.

The petitioner's case contends that the chairman's involvement in filing complaints, initiating investigations, submitting charge sheets, and subsequently suspending her services represents a violation of legal procedures.