Hollywood Star Jason Momoa Commends Sri Lanka for UN World Restoration Flagship Recognition

February 21, 2024

Renowned Hollywood actor Jason Momoa, celebrated globally for his portrayal of Aquaman, extended his heartfelt congratulations to Sri Lanka following the island nation's prestigious recognition as a UN World Restoration Flagship. The accolade, bestowed in acknowledgment of Sri Lanka's pivotal endeavors to rebuild and rejuvenate mangrove ecosystems, drew praise from Momoa in a recent UN video.

In the video, Momoa lauded Sri Lanka as a beacon of inspiration, citing the country's collaborative efforts in effecting positive environmental change. He highlighted Sri Lanka's commitment to fostering harmony between nature and humanity, a sentiment echoed by environmental advocates worldwide.

Mangrove restoration initiatives have emerged as a cornerstone of Sri Lanka's environmental agenda, with concerted efforts aimed at safeguarding these critical ecosystems and mitigating the impacts of climate change.